TBPhotoblog G400


TBPhotoblog is proud to present a budget friendly B&W high speed film.  The G family film is bought in bulk rolls and is hand loaded in house in able to keep the cost low to budget minded photographers and students.

G400 is a high speed, medium contrast film allowing for exceptional application in action photography and is also outstanding for general purpose photography. With a standard rating of ISO 400, it provides negatives exhibiting incredible sharpness and yet retains a fine grain under a wide range of lighting conditions.


  • Panchromatic B&W negative film
  • High Speed ISO 400
  • Incredible sharpness
  • Wide exposure push up to ISO 1600
  • Non DX coded
  • 36 Exposure roll

G400 works great with standard B&W chemistry.  A processing chart is being created and will be available soon.

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