Carry On!

a little info about me

I first picked up a camera in 1994 when I was taking an elective art class in college. I was on the track to becoming a commercial designer. It was in the darkroom when I saw my first image appear though the developer that my excitement for photography started. I knew at that moment, I wanted to be a photographer.

When I started shooting, I gravitated towards capturing people in their environment, their lifestyle, and engaging in their hobbies. Through the years, I developed a trend with my work. My imagery displayed a more commercialized style. This style has helped take my photography in many different directions and has opened many new opportunities.

Whether photographing lifestyles in another country for a non-profit organization, models for a fashion spread, accessories for a jewelry designer, or sporting goods equipment for a manufacturer, my style stays true in my photography.

Every photographic engagement has its own dynamic process. I will use my photographic knowledge with the client’s individual needs to accomplish amazing imagery that’s a right fit for the specified job. Since the dynamic process differs from client to client, please contact me for a creative rate.

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