Lumix S1 and Lego Minifigures

Lumix S1 and Lego Minifigures

Lumix S1 and Lego Minifigures

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I am giving my followers a quick update about what’s been going on with me for the first half of the year.  Toward the end of 2019, I decided to get rid of all my Canon gear and go for something new.  I knew Canon had some new, mirrorless bodies and lenses out, but I wanted a change.  I’ve always wanted a Nikon, but I was not feeling it.  I even thought about jumping onto the Micro 4/3rds wagon.  After a few months of watching a lot of YouTube reviews, reading camera reviews, and selling my Canon gear on eBay, I decided to go with the new Lumix S system.

The camera just drew me in.  I had never shot with one.  I had never even held one.  I knew it was a little larger than most mirrorless cameras.  I was ready for that change.  I was ready to make that leap.  I just wanted it.  I sold almost all the Canon gear.  I kept my 70-200L IS with Tele-coverter.  I bought the Lumix S1 kit body with the 24-70 f/4, Sigma Canon lens adapter, and a couple of extra batteries.  I can use the Canon 70-200 with the Sigma adapter (that’s why I kept the lens).  I tried the camera out on a small wedding and loved it.  I bought another body as a backup.  Now I’ve just got to get some more lenses.  One of the cool things about this camera is that it is part of the L-Mount alliance between Leica, Lumix and Sigma.  That means that companies that are part of the alliance can join in and build cameras with the L-Mount and build lenses for the system.  I can use Lumix S lenses, Leica SL lenses, Sigma L-Mount lenses, Sigma Canon lenses with adapter, and any other Canon mount lens with the adapter.  I am eyeing a Zeiss lens at the moment.  I do enjoy using a manual focus Zeiss lens, because of the tactile feel from the the focusing throw and also the quality of the glass.

Since the COVID outbreak I have not been shooting personal work as much.  All my regular TB Photography jobs have come to a halt at the moment, so I haven’t gone in-depth with learning the new camera system.  That’s a poor excuse for not using it, and that’s why I should really take this opportunity to be learning the new system right now.  Getting the camera out and just going on a walk will help familiarize myself with the the camera and system.  I really haven’t tested the camera with my style of shooting.

There are a couple of key things I have enjoyed so far with this new camera.  I know I do love the flippy LCD monitor.  That makes my low shots much easier to get.  I can tell you my old eyes really love the focus peaking, too.  Manually focusing with the focus peaking is a breeze.  I do enjoy manually focusing.  I didn’t think I would like the LCD viewfinder, but I do have to say that I like it.  It is large, easy to see and easy to focus.  One of the reasons that kept me from moving into mirrorless systems earlier was the ability to shoot in the studio.  I tried out a couple of Sony’s.  I didn’t like that when you were shooting in a dark room with dim modeling lights, you could not see the subject to focus.  The screen was black and grainy.  I know the new bodies have solved that problem, as has Lumix.  It’s a pleasure to use this camera in the studio.

The only job I have had with the new camera has been a wedding pre-COVID.  All other shoots have been of my personal project cryptoLEGOlogy.  CryptoLEGOlogy is my Instagram site dedicated to Lego minifigures.  I have fun with this type of toy photography making up little adventures.  Shooting with the Lumix S1 for low angle shots on the ground to capture minifigure scenes is so easy with the flip out screen.  Here is a small selection of my minifigure shots and process.

I hope that you have enjoyed my quick update and my Lego minifigure photos.  If you would like to follow my Lego mini adventures go to Instagram @cryptoLEGOlogy

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