This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System

1080 1080 Tim Breaseale

This is an alert call for all humans to stay humane.

A small collection of elite species have formed a new intergalactic group referred to as the Insurgent Wilderness Gruppo (I.W.G). The I.W.G. is on the lookout for badly behaving humans.  The main goal of the I.W.G. is to police the galaxies and prevent bad humans from spreading to new worlds.

The elite I.W.G. is comprised of Titus the Grizzly Bear, Affonso the White Rhino and Hannibal the Mountain Gorilla.  Not only will this elite force prevent bad humans from spreading to new worlds, but the Insurgent Wilderness Gruppo will also protect this planet’s existing resources.  Traveling our planet and the Milky Way will be easy for the group as they use pollution free jet-packs and flying saucers.

Please be cautious when dealing with the I.W.G.. These elite species have short fuses and are prepared to fight.  Each member of the I.W.G. is equipped with a Armored Hunter Space Suit and a EcoDyne Death Ray pistol, which they will not hesitate to use.  The Insurgent Wilderness Gruppo members love to show success by flaunting their human skull trophies.

This concludes the Emergency Broadcast System announcement.  Please stay tuned for future transmissions with information about the adventures of the Astro Krieg I.W.G. and the environment.