What's old is new again

What’s Old Is New Again

What’s Old Is New Again

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I sold off my primary film cameras around 2013, because I hadn’t shot a roll of film since around 2004.  I started to phase out film between 2002 and 2004.  I have been 100% digital with my work since 2004.  Ever since selling off my primary film cameras, I have regretted it.

It was really cool being able to process my own film.  It was amazing to watch a photo slowly appear while soaking in a tray of developer.  Leaving the darkroom after many hours of dodging and burning for that perfect “one of a kind” print, I would smell of chemicals which.  It would bring a smile to my face.

I have worked for a camera shop over the past 7 years and have seen many different kinds of cameras come through the door.  The shop sells a specific brand of camera, though–Leica.  Leica has always been one of my dream cameras to own. Maybe it was part of my dream of becoming a National Geographic photographer or maybe it was just from studying some of the great photojournalists. But, in any case, most of the world’s most iconic photos from back in the day were shot on a Leica, and I wanted one.

I recently had a chance to obtain one of the traditional rangefinders.  I got my hands on a 2001 model Leica M7.  This camera is a little more modern than the ones used for the iconic photos of yesteryear, but retains the same styling.  The M7 has more electronics built-in, aperture priority mode and through-the-lens light metering.  These modern features do help with taking photographs a little quicker by not having to carry around a light meter and setting the camera manually for every single shot. Plus, I can still walk around with my modern M7 and pretend that I am working for National Geographic.

Since the purchase of my “what’s old is new agin” film camera, I have decided that I really need to get back in the groove of things.  I need to shoot more film, I need to blog more, I just need to take more photographs this year and oh…. maybe I have this crazy idea that I can add a shop page on my blog site and sell film.

Well, I have started this year off with a new blog layout.  I have even added the shop page and have for sale a variety of films.  Now, what I need to add to my list is to shoot more photographs, whether they be analog or digital, and to share my creative insight.  I am planning on using my blog as a photographic resource to help people by offering creative and informative material.  I will write about my photography, product reviews and share my adventures.  Look below for a sample of films that I will carry in my shop.

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I want to get back to developing my own film.  Since my wife is very environmentally conscientious, I will (to keep her happy and the environment happy) do research on the best chemicals to use that are environmentally friendly.  I will share my results and add this information to my blog.  I want to add as much information as possible.  I want to help new film shooters and old timers with new resources about processing film.  If processing your film is not “your sort of thing, baby,” then I will have lab reviews for processing, scanning and printing film.  Oh, I do plan on getting a scanner in the future, since I do not have a traditional wet darkroom anymore.  I can at least come up with a hybrid darkroom solution (develop my own film, scan and share digitally).

I am excited about this coming year and hope that you will want to join me on my adventures.  Please, sign up for my newsletter so that you can be kept in the loop.

Thank you and have a wonderful 2016!