Wynwood Arts District – Miami

1080 720 Tim Breaseale

If you love art and if you love walking around outdoors, then this might be the place for you to visit.  Wynwood arts district, with over 70 art galleries, antique shops, retail stores and eclectic bars, Wynwood arts district is the new place to hang in Miami.  If you love graffiti then you will have plenty to check out with one of the world’s largest street art installations.  I would like to take the time to share with you some of my images from Wynwood arts district.  Click on any image to enlarge.

Wynwood is a hot place for urban artist.  I recently was able to join a group of long boarders and graffiti artists on a tour of the walls.  It was a special treat to hear the stories from some of the most well known graffiti artist in the world.  Some of the artist were also ex-gang members.  They would describe and talk about the meaning of letters and symbols within the art.  If you don’t know the symbols, then you probably won’t know the true meaning of the art piece.



Wynnwood-5940The image above is huge.  Look at the parking meter at the bottom center.  The parking meter is about 4 foot tall, you can calculate the size, HUGE!.  Back in the day, Miami was a hot spot for graffiti artist to sneak in and tag a wall.  Now, the store owners are commissioning the artist to come in to produce art work.  This part of Miami housed a lot of abandoned warehoused.  In the  mid 2000’s, the warehoused started to become occupied by artists, cafe’s, and bars.  This particular area is also known as the fashion district.  Miami is a hot spot for trendy fashions that are seen around the world.


Above you can see my longboard.  I rode this board for the graffiti tour.  This place is a photographer’s paradise.  I can stay all day in this area and still not see everything.  Some of the major commissioned walls will stay for a while, but other walls get painted over pretty regularly.  You can always see something new, fresh, exciting, powerful, sad, and “what where they thinking”, painted on the walls.



Wynnwood-5899The shots that I am sharing are some I really like and some that I just could not figure out what was going on, but intrigued me.  I love the color.  I love the subject matter (even the ones I don’t understand).  I am ready to visit this place again to see what’s new.



Wynnwood-5921The chameleon above is a great example of symbolized art mixed with gang slang and the artists stamp.  If you look at the body, you can see the letters slowly appear.  Graffiti has been used to mark territory for gangs, signify events or happenings, and even represent fallen gang members for a remembrance.   If you tag a wall, tag for meaning, tag for purpose, make art.






Wynnwood-5934I really enjoy checking out graffiti and seeing urban art.  I hope you have enjoyed a small sample of my images from Wynwood arts district.  If you are in the North Miami area, you need to check out this place.  It is just amazing.  There is always some sort of weekend community gathering, farmers market, and gallery walk happening.  For more information about Wynwood arts district and what’s going on, check out the link below.        Wynwood Arts District