Black and White and Color

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I set out with a self assignment, a black & white day.  My focus was to do street-style photography.  All I had with me was one camera and one lens.  I first started out at a local farmers market.  This market was huge and indoors.  My shooting conditions in the market were dark and dimly lit.  I had to use a higher ISO setting to be able to get a good exposure.  Using this higher setting causes more pixelation in the image.  Since I was going to convert the images to black & white, I used this pixelation to my advantage.  Traditional high speed black & white films had very visible grain.  I was going to camouflage the pixelation within my black & white images by having a more “grainy” film look for my photographs.

The market was full of energy with plenty of characters roaming up and down the isles/  Today’s hits were being played by a one-man band in the background.   The aroma of freshly cooked meats were in the air.  Colorful veggie displays lured you towards them.  Happy K-9’s showing their owners to the best spot to get a doggy treat.  Not one, not two, but I lost count of many cheap Italian wine booths.  Don’t forget that good Italian pasta to go with those $6 bottles of wine.  Then there’s the crazy doctor giving out free samples of his famous homemade pickles.  These pickles were very tasty with a comical sales pitch included.    You could find a little bit of everything in this farmer’s market, even several cow statues.







I had a really fun time at the farmer’s market.  Many nice characters, some friendly pups and tasty pickles.  After spending some time at the market, it was time to head to another location.  The second spot was a local green house and nursery.   I started my day out with good intentions of making the day a black & white day, but the nursery was just so darn colorful.  I did have a couple of thoughts about how to solve that problem.  I could do a B&W print and just add a touch of color like the good ol’ days of hand tinting, AND I could do sepia toned prints.  These were the two solutions that would just have to wait until I could see the images on the computer to really decide what I wanted to do with them.

After viewing my color images on the computer, I decided to leave most of them with color.  I did do the statue in B&W with a touch of red color, the boots in sepia and the last one (sunflower) with a touch of HDR.

You can find all sorts of interesting things that are very close to home.  Give yourself a challenge or self assignment.  Use only one lens, use only one focal length, shoot without a flash, shoot only door knobs, shoot objects with only a specific color, but remember to always have fun.   I hope that this blog has inspired you to just get out and shoot.